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MODOKER Garment Bags for Men Women Business Travel

MODOKER Garment Bags for Men Women Business Travel

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Product Description

Color Charcoal Black, Dark Grey, Navy Blue
Brand Modoker
Garment Bag Dimension 42”L x 22”W
Garment Suitcase Dimension 22”L x 21.6”W x 3.9”H
Weight 3.12 Pounds
Material Water-resistant & Fray-resistant Nylon with leather

While you can find many great luggage sets to use for your trip, however, usually that sets you purchased didn't include a garment bag, and you have to buy another garment bag for suits separately.

This Modoker Travel Garment Bag solve your issue well. It come in not only a Suit Luggage Garment Bag, but also can be used as a hanging clothes bag.


Modoker Travel Garment Bag

      1.A Garment Duffel Bag Bring You                Convenience

      2.For travelers who is heading for a              business trips or weekend getaway

      3.Can be hanging to be a Hanging                Clothes Bag





                   A Shoulder Bag                                       Easy for Traveling









                  Carry on Garment Bag                              Back Flap Design











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